Overwatch new hero july 2016

Overwatch’s new Hero announced!

Blizzard, developer of hit game Overwatch has just announced when and where they'll be releasing the information on their new Hero! The new Hero...

OVERWATCH SONG – Get The Gang Back by Miracle Of Sound

With the emergence of Overwatch as one of the biggest games the internet has seen in some time, the fan content is becoming unreal!...

Staying Up #Overwatch #DVA

This fan made Overwatch content just keeps getting better!
heroes of the storm medivh

Latest HotS Tweak: Leoric, Medivh Buffed

Leoric used to be the darling of HotS players everywhere for a while following his release, but initially, he was so strong indeed that...
na lcs week 4 power rankings

NA LCS Week 4 Summer Split Power Rankings

Week 4 has drawn to a close and at this point in the split we now have a very good understanding of where exactly...
torbjorn nerf

Blizzard to patch Overwatch separately on PC and console

It's been about a month since the release of the new hit Overwatch, which released on all three major platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox One)....