League of Legends is widely known as the world’s biggest eSport with hundreds of thousands of viewers of their League Championship Series in both North America, and Europe as well as the LPL, and LCK in other regions of the world. This helps the regions decide who is the best in that region year round, opposed to having a tournament every now and then like traditional eSports. This is a great model to follow as all professional sports have leagues, from the NBA, NFL, and Premier Leagues, basically it really helps keep things organized. CS:GO is now going to be following suit. FACEIT and Twitch are partnering to us the eSports Championship Series (ECS) for Counter Strike. The closed qualifiers for the ECS will be taking place today. According to FACEIT’s official announcement:

The Esports Championship Series will be showcased exclusively on Twitch. Fans will be given direct access to every match of the ECS through FACEIT’s official Twitch channel (www.twitch.tv/faceittv) with closed qualifiers for ECS Counter-Strike beginning today. Twitch and FACEIT will also be providing travel, accommodations, on-site concierge services, high-quality tournament playing conditions, lounges, and parties to ensure an unparalleled experience for players.

This is great for not only CS:GO, but the eSports world in general. The more coverage and viewers these things pull the more accepted eSports will be in every day life as it has been more and more in the past few years. For more info you can check out FACEIT’s announcement here. And you can check out CS:GO’s official site for the league here.