In the ever more competitive world of CS:GO, teams rise and fall as outsiders are always banging on the gates of Tier 1-dom, looking for their own breaks and new edges they can exploit to get there. One of the teams which used to be a fixture in the top 10 of every major, France’s EnVyUs, has apparently had its decline come full circle with the disaster that the MLG Columbus turned out to be for them, thus becoming a typical victim of the “grind”, the ongoing tussle for success. Indeed, to call the MLG Columbus anything less than a full-blown disaster for EnVy would be an understatement: they ended up pushed out of the top bracket by Counter Logic Gaming, and then they got sent packing for good by the CIS team of Gambit, a recently-emerged organization, which – to quote some specialists – cannot even considered to be top 20-worthy at this point.

Trouble has long been brewing around the EnVyUs household and the team has more or less been aware of this, after all their results spoke for themselves lately. What they failed to understand though was the true magnitude of the problem as well as its very nature. The way they tried to remedy their problems through roster-shuffling, betrayed a certain degree of desperation and not surprisingly, it failed to deliver any kind of a solution. They got rid of Fabien “kioShiMa” Fiey and brought in Timothee “DEVIL” Demolon, to try to fill his shoes, a move which was proven to be as misguided as the way they approached their matches in Columbus. While far from impressive lately, kioShiMa was apparently not the broken cog in the EnVyUs machine, and DEVIL was not the solution for his departure, let alone for the problems faced by the team. Forced into situations and positions in which he wasn’t entirely comfortable, DEVIL struggled in Columbus to fill kioShiMa’s shoes, a none too lofty objective to begin with. Had he been successful at it, EnVyUs would still not have gotten any better than they had been before kioShiMa’s removal.

The problems of the organization are much more deep-rooted: they have simply been overtaken by the evolution of the meta, their playing style based on individual heroics left in the dust in a game which now rewards careful planning and strategizing more than ever before. Easy to read and therefore to counter, EnVyUs are the representatives of a raw talent-reliant approach, which can no longer stand up against hard work. Luminosity, the winners of the Columbus major are the spearheads of this new recipe for success, and EnVyUs are the dinosaurs on whose shoulders and at whose expense their new accomplishments are built.

The new recipe for winning CS:GO is here and guys like EnVy (as well as other teams like FaZe) have not taken the time/effort to pick up the new curriculum and to master it. Their problems are still deeper though: as revealed by kioShiMa upon his departure, a toxic atmosphere had developed within the team, rife with communication-problems and resentment. Given that what these guys need to do is to get together to work on strategy on an offline server and to become a true team again, their future seems rather bleak at this point indeed…

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