News has broken today that, the internet’s most popular streaming service for gaming is all of the sudden banning users for gambling, which is a huge phenomenon on their website currently. Viewers love to watch emotion, and nothing’s more emotional someone losing their life savings, or perhaps doubling it. Semi-popular twitch streamer Duffy got banned out of the blue today for what he’s saying is a new rule against gambling on Twitch for longer than 30 minutes. His first offense landed him a 24 hour ban.

Although this has been great publicity for Duffy it’s rather strange Twitch has taken this stance. While gambling as a whole may hurt people, especially those who get addicted to losing their money over CS:GO skins, gambling brings twitch in a ton of revenue. Multiple channels on Twitch are currently making a living doing nothing but streaming online gambling games such a poker, blackjack, and even on CS:GO matches/skins, so why ban something that makes you money? To cover their butts, basically. Letting a large crowd of viewers under the age of 18 see their “idols” gambling all day every day is a horrible example to set for kids, whether you agree with the bans or not.

According to Duffy who seems to be the first victim of this rule stated that you cannot gamble for more than 30 minutes, and a first offense is 24 hours. A quick view of Twitch’s rules of conduct doesn’t show anything about gambling, and says it was last updated 11/20/2015. There has been no official word from Twitch yet, however if we get any news we’ll be sure to bring it to you.