We all know eSports Stars live lavish lifestyles and date beautiful women. Who wouldn’t want to drive to Stockholm to support their man in a tournament to win a case of Monster.

Well, apparently, my sarcasm is misplaced and I’m in the wrong field. I should be playing in eSports rather than writing about it because here are the Top 10 Hottest Girlfriends in eSports.



JW of Fnatic’s Girlfriend












Snax‘s Girlfriend



Alex Ich‘s Wife



imaqtpie‘s Girlfriend, Lisha

Perhaps the least attractive man in eSports gets major points for landing Lisha who constantly has to justify to herself why she is with him:

What do you find most attractive about Qtpie? What about him bothers you the most?

Lisha: He says stupid things, but it’s always funny. And when you love someone, you find them attractive. He started to get really frustrated playing league now that he’s been taking it really seriously, and sometimes that means after he’s dealt with streaming, scrims, and then team talks, I can’t expect him to have time for me.



Doublelift‘s Girlfriend, Yuri Seo



Wildturtle‘s Girlfriend, xChocoBars



Reginald‘s Girlfriend and TSM VP of Marketing Leena Xu



Pamaj‘s Former Girlfriend and eSports Host/Commentator LemonKiwi

Lol hi

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nadeshot‘s Girlfriend

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Doug “Censor” Martin’s Girlfriend

Yanet Garcia is a famous Weather Girl in Mexico and she makes the mercury rise in my pants as well. kappa-icon See more pics from Yanet Garcia’s Instagram. Trust me, you’ll want to check her out.

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  • Samuel

    You missed Cassandra, Grubby’s girlfriend…

  • kek xd

    wheres Hai’s GF? she cute af